Revisiting images

I'm adding images to another site to sell as stock so I'm going through old images. I try and do this at least once a year. Going through old images is kind of like Christmas in the sense that when you first go through to edit you have certain images in mind and jump to them and skip the rest, which is the case for this image from Glacier. This was shot on the way down from Logan Pass and when I first saw this I jumped out of the car and shot it quickly because of the clouds rolling in and smothering the area. When I first tried to edit it two years ago I honestly just didn't have the skills to edit it properly and bring out the best qualities I saw when I shot the image. With time though comes experience and coming back to it I was able to make it pop like I saw it originally so I am very happy to be able to share this! Lesson though is quite simple. Always go back in your files and look at your images because their are bound to be some hidden gems!