Pano Testing

So another night, another test. The reason being I've essentially shot the close to the same image the last two nights is simple. Different gear different techniques and methods being put to work. For example this image is actually thirty images blended together to get this panorama. The next factor is the camera and lensing. The camera is modified to with an H-Alpha filter. This filter allows it to pick up more color spectrums in the night sky that we can't see with the naked eye and the regular camera sensor can't pick up. Lastly the lens, it's a 35mm 1.4 Art series Sigma lens. This lens is rated highly for astrophotography due to sharpness and color rendition. The last two nights I've tested three lenses and found that one lens works better than the other two. Now when I go out on location though I know how all my equipment will function in the field and what will work best for any situation I might come across.