The mounds you see in front are actually ice build up from waves and icebergs.

A rare clear winter night in 2015. Not quite the northern lights but close. This is called air glow 

March 2017 Northern Lights over Good Harbor Bay Leelanau MI

Nice storm from March 2016

Nice pillars heading over what would be Glen Arbor Michigan

Nice pillars heading over what would be Glen Arbor Michigan

Catching up on some of the northern lights stuff from 2016. Most recent storm in Leelanau Michigan Sept 1st 2016

Doesn't get any better than this. Big Dipper along with some auroras. Thanks to the cloudy haze it actually defuses the stars making them appear larger, which really helped make the big dipper pop out. It's been about eight months since I've shot the aurora and still going strong. November I'll be in New Zealand, hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get the southern lights while I'm on the south island.

The view from Mauna Kea at sunset. Heck of job and it is good to be home. On to the next in May and June.

Observatories shooting off lasers in the galaxy. Mauna Kea Big Island Hawaii.

Went to check out the Ice pack and as you can see it is maybe stable a hundred yards off shore before it starts looking sketchy. Manitou Islands on the horizon about to get some lake effect snow showers.

Attempted to get the northern lights but the cloud cover just was far enough south to block them out. You can barely see them on the edge of the clouds to the left. On the right side of the image is the lights from Leland Michigan and Traverse City Michigan reflecting off the clouds.

Funny story of these two partially underwater shots was it was so cold out I was sure if the camera was functioning correctly or not. Lucky for me it was.

Well it was a balmy 3 degrees F today so I decided to hop in the river and take some pictures.

First Image of 2015 Ice Caves starting to form.

One of my favorite places in Leelanau Michigan.

One of my favorite places in Leelanau Michigan.

Beautiful Glacier National Park

North Dakota god rays over the endless sunflower fields.

Milky Way Pano and Air Glow Phenomena. Check out the blog to see the before and after of this image!

Working with some new pano gear as well as lensing. Very Happy with this test. Milky Way over Lime Lake Michigan, light on the horizon on the right is called the Zodiacal light, light on the left is from Traverse City.

Had four cameras going for the meteor shower and this one happened not to catch a single meteor. So I stacked it.

Composite image from the Camelopardalid meteor shower early in the morning of May 24 2014.

This is a very special image to me. I shot this in 2011 on digital back using a Hasselblad medium format camera, It was also the first time I had ever shot the northern lights.

2013 was a spectacular year here in Michigan for northern lights shows. This was taken on the shore of Lake Michigan in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Did a nice road trip in 2012 from Traverse City, Michigan as far west as Joseph, Oregon. On the way I spent a couple of days in the Badlands National Park in South Dakota and had great light and clouds that morning.

Same morning as above but just as the sun was creeping over the cloud bank on the horizon. Badlands National Park South Dakota.

This is actually a night shot, using the moon to light the landscape. I love shooting at night due to the unique light you can get.

Another moonlit shot.

Chased this nice bighorn around for a good forty-five minutes before I was finally able to get a nice shot of him in the light.

This was the sunrise that I shot before I started chasing the bighorn around.

This will probably always be a fan favorite, and it is also one of my favorite shots. While driving cross country in the Medora, North Dakota region, I was fortunate enough to come across these beautiful sunflower fields with the wicked storm clouds.